The inspiration for this project is Ang Lee's movie "Brokeback Mountain". Here are some scenes of the movie in case you haven't watched it.

So, I try to implement some of the "brokebackish" features: Tent, Campfire, Cowboys, Sheeps, Pine trees, and some Trunks.

Project 7

Models Created by Me

Models Found on Web

Project 8

Models Created by Me

Models Found on Web

Project 9

Cubemap Skybox

I added a cubemap skybox texture to create environment for the scene.

Normal Mapping

I added 4 different normal mapping to make the texture for the vent more realistic, and textures of sheeps more diverse.

Glass Effect

I also tried to simulate the fraction degree to make a glass texture effect. After computing the hitting point going though the glass bottle, I map it directly to the ground texture, although the "correct" way requires 2-pass rendering. Since the bottle is relatively small, you might want to use "Drive" mode to see the effect.

Project 10

In this final project, I wrapped up project 7 to 9, and did some minor fixes. I also implemented a hermite cubic curve with 4 segments. I loaded a new bat object and made if fly around the camp following the curve track.